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So just ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:24pm


So just how rich are you? Are you doctor or lawyer rich? Are you CEO rich? Or perhaps pro athlete rich? Or maybe you’re just a poor shlub like me just an average Joe with an average income. The average is $46,000 but that’s for all families, if you refine it even more to traditional family average is $57,000. But now if you’re a dink (dual income no kids) it rises to $66,000 per year. I guess being childless you can travel on the job more and need less time off

Maybe you’re a doctor in family practice averaging $137,000 your rich! But not really, your classmate from med school who became a surgeon he’s high stepping at $228,839 and you thought you were rich but he’s going to leave you in the dust. Why in family Practice you’ll top out at $159.000 no wonder he won’t return your calls. Why once he gets his practice established he could move towards $325,000 double your paltry income! You don’t even make 5 times the national average for single men and if you were to get married it could be down right embarrassing. You went to school for how long, to make 5 times the national average? Why if you were to get married it would be down to three!

Our country doctor would have to work 125 years to earn what Barry Bonds earns in 162 games and he thought he was rich. The surgeon with his $325,000 income is working for baseball minimum wage, a rookie salary. The surgeon can earn his pennies year after year unless he makes a mistake. Then he’s subject to be sued and pay higher insurance premiums for the length of his career while the baseball player who drops a fly ball in the 9th inning of the world series will get booed but he gets to keep the cash. Of course the surgeon could always lower himself to family practice but could he stand the loss in income?

How Rich Are You?

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