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Smoking Baby and Mom Complete Rehab–Baby Has Quit Smoking and Mom Received Extensive Counseling

Posted Sep 03 2010 3:43pm

None of us can forget this story when it broke on the news in the Spring and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has reminded us too with a bit of humor in various skits, image so there’s just about no way one could have missed this story.  The good news is now that he has completed his 30 day rehab program which was provided by the government and luckily the smoking has not caused any health problems.

Now he does have a heart issue which the report says is due to the fact that he is obese.  He long longer throws fits and cries when he can’t get a cigarette.  I think Mom need the counseling here too to enable her to say no as I’m sure at 2 years old he doesn’t hop in the car or walk down the local convenience store to buy his next pack either. 

Mom watched him smoke his last cigarette and smashed his head on the floor at the hospital.  The doctor says that some children start at the age of a year old and he’s seen other cases.  I can’t imagine 3-4 packs a day for  baby to smoke.  The local government is responsible to monitor the child and make sure he doesn’t start again.  The next issue it looks like might be the diet for the tot.  Mom also learned parental skills too on how to give him something else besides a cigarette when he’s unhappy, common sense to most but I guess may not think in this manner, thus the 2 year old addiction problem.  BD

The tubby Indonesian toddler who caused a sensation last spring by enthusiastically puffing on cigarettes in a widely viewed video has quit smoking, according to media reports.

Two-year-old Ardi Rizal of South Sumatra, who reportedly smoked 40 cigarettes a day, has broken his nicotine addiction through a 30-day rehabilitation program, the Jakarta Globe reported Thursday.

"He has stopped smoking and doesn't ask for cigarettes anymore," Arist Merdeka Sirait, chairman of Indonesia's National Commission on Child Protection, said, according to another publication, Earth Times .According to earlier reports, the child was placed in state custody after the video emerged and the boy’s parents said he would cry and throw tantrums if he went too long without smoking a cigarette.

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