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Sickweather, Targeting the Right Patient & the Evolution of Healthcare Marketing

Posted Oct 25 2011 4:58pm
The latest in digital healthcare marketing is Sickweather, a tool that has the potential to benefit healthcare marketers in targeting the patients that are most likely to need what you’re selling.

So, why does the development of Sickweather pertain to us as healthcare marketers? Because it emphasizes a healthcare marketing tip I preach on this blog: Your “Brand Strategy” won’t win you patients. Determining the most profitable healthcare marketing strategy comes down to two things: Where will you play and how will you win? More details on that philosophy here. Essentially, what services and procedures do you want to bring in, and what is the specific demographic profile and geographic location of these targeted patients?

Let me help you process this…

  1. Ask yourself “where will I play?” — The answer should be quite simple: what procedures are most profitable, what services do you have the capacity for, etc? While knee replacements may have high contribution margin for one hospital, if you’re short-staffed in orthopedics, that may be the last service line you want to increase patient volume to. The answer will be unique to your hospital or practice.
  2. Next, ask yourself how to profile your ideal target for this service — qualitatively, symptomatically and geographically. (Enter Sickweather.. .This tool could potentially change the way healthcare marketers interpret target data because it gives users a forecast of patient symptoms by geographic region! )

THIS IS THE EVOLUTION OF HEALTHCARE MARKETING. Using digital tools and information (i.e. Sickweather) to increase your knowledge about the patient you are targeting. Until doctors, healthcare marketers and hospital administration start understanding and applying this, we are going to see more healthcare ad campaigns like this: beautiful, gorgeous, creative and highly-touching — yet, I contend that they sell nothing beyond brand awareness.

What do you think about Sickweather? I’ve signed up for the beta and would love to hear from anyone who has tried it. Thoughts on its potential to benefit healthcare marketing?

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