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Shriner Hospital in Sacramento Came to the Rescue with Burn Victims from Fire in Mexico – Some Facilities are Facing Closure

Posted Jun 10 2009 4:54pm

  image The six locations that could close are in Erie, Pennsylvania; Shreveport, Louisiana; Spokane, Washington; Springfield, Massachusetts; and Galveston, Texas.  The Galveston burn center has been closed since the hurricane and would have been the first stop for the children versus transporting to Sacramento.  Shriners do not take any federal funding or insurance and do not charge for care.  Next month will be the vote on whether or not to close the 6 facilities.  There are 22 facilities nationwide.  I have covered a couple posts under the Desperate Hospital series in the recent past.

The doctors were connected remotely too so they could see pictures of the burns and advise and see the extent of the damage, but the number of people burned overloaded the system and they had to rely on pictures being sent and using the phone.  The ones in the most danger were transported to Sacramento. 

CNN has an in-depth story about the status of affairs at Shriners where you can read more.  BD

SACRAMENTO—The children arrive by the dozens each day, many suffering disfiguring and life-threatening injuries.

Among the latest patients are four of the most seriously burned victims of a deadly day care fire in northern Mexico that so far has claimed the lives of 44 babies and toddlers.

The high-profile nature of those cases has placed an international spotlight on the Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California in Sacramento. The 12-year-old hospital serves as the regional center for critically burned children throughout the western United States, Mexico and Canada.

Doctors routinely help colleagues across the border diagnose and treat burn victims. Twice a year, they conduct training sessions in Hermosillo, site of last week's deadly blaze.

Mexico fire turns spotlight on Sacramento hospital - San Jose Mercury News

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