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Should you take TWO worthless Antivirals for the Flu this Year?

Posted Feb 04 2009 1:47pm

The CDC is now recommending that you take TWO antiviral medications this year if you get the flu. Tamiflu has been recommended previously due to resistance to the drug rimantadine.

However, most of the flu this year appears to now be resistant to Tamiflu, another antiviral medication.

So, now the CDC is recommending that we take TWO antiviral drugs for the flu- BOTH of which have been shown to be resistant to most flu strains that are out there!!
Am I the only one that sees that this does not make any sense?!

Really, the governmental organization that is supposed to give us guidelines to help us prevent and treat disease outbreaks is:

1) Recommending that all people have a vaccine for the flu- even though it has been proven to be virtually worthless

2) Is recommending that we now take not one- but TWO drugs that have BOTH been shown to be virtually worthless

3) Is NOT recommending to ANYONE that they take Vitamin D to PREVENT the flu- even though it is totally harmless and has tons of circumstancial evidence and a few small double blind studies that show that it TOTALLY PREVENTS the flu in most cases!!

To me, this doesn't seem like very good governmental policy, but it sure seems like great financial policy for the pharmaceutical companies...

Kerri Knox, RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner

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