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Sepsis Update – Hospital Error in New York and Technology that can help

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:29am

This is an update on a post from a short while back about a woman in New York that was sent home, only to have Sepsis set in and had both her hands and feet amputated.  The video shows how she is working to get back to a somewhat normal type of life with prosthetics to help her walk.  After watching the video, it seems to make some of the problems and issues I have look minimal by comparison.

I included a small portion of what technology can do in an ICU with the immediate detection of Sepsis, created at Vanderbilt Medical Center, and well worth watching, as they have offered to share this technology with any other hospital that is interested.  Visuals are important in healthcare and by using Silverlight on the screens, it proves to be an immediate visual and help for those caring for the patients, and in some cases it could have the potential of perhaps avoiding amputations, etc. as in this story. 

Again, the video shows a woman with a lot of courage and working to have a life beyond what has happened to her.  Sepsis is the 10th leading cause of death in the world.  BD 

From a prior post:

Also Vanderbilt Medical Center created a Microsoft technology solution to quickly identify Sepsisand you can read more here, which entails a solution with Server 2008, SQL server and the use of Silverlight to give clinicians a clear and active visual to detect immediately before the condition would progress any further without immediate attention. 

Healthcare jumping out with Server 2008 and all the updated components for the application to track Sepsis, a systemic inflammatory response to infection which can progress to circulatory system dysfunction, multiple organ failure, and eventually death.

The Vanderbilt story above is somewhat relative to where technology and medical records come in to play.By using the dynamic imaging in Silverlight, it gives a quick and definitive picture immediately to the clinical staff in the ICU to determine the onset of Sepsis as it starts, something that can be helpful anywhere.  We have the technology available and needs to have some if this implemented quickly to save lives.  The story of the model is so sad in the fact that perhaps by the time she returned for help, the infection of the blood had gone too far.   

A woman who lost her limbs and eyesight to a near-fatal medical error has returned home after months of rehabilitation.

Tabitha Mullings has been through more in the last five months than most people will go through in a lifetime.

Her ordeal started in September when the 32-year-old was discharged from Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City. Staff diagnosed her with kidney stones and sent her home with painkillers – but that's when things took a terrible turn, Mullings claims.,2933,489467,00.html

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