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SenSlip, the artificial retracta ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:16pm

SenSlip, the artificial retractable foreskin, yes this is a real product with patents.  At least if one has had some perhaps not so good issues, there’s a product to help out, a sock or undergarment as it is called.  If you are allergic to latex, you are out of image luck.  BD

Being circumcised affects the natural operation, appearance and sensitivity of the penis. During recent years much medical research has been carried out in several countries into the function and purpose of the foreskin. There is now conclusive medical evidence that a circumcised penis with the glans exposed has less nerve receptors and is less effective than a naturally covered penis. Over the years the exposed glans becomes less sensitive. There is well-documented evidence.  Whilst the Senslip Undergarment is designed to be worn all day, it is recommended that you remove it during sleep to allow your natural skin to 'breath'.

Recent Medical Studies on Circumcision

Overcome the effects of circumcision with SenSlip, the artificial retractable foreskin.

Hat Tip:  Boing Boing

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