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Senate eyes 25-employee threshold for health mandate – Or Pay $750.00 Per Year Per Employee

Posted Jul 13 2009 10:50pm

One question, where would that “fine” money go?  I see a lot of companies that might say “hey that’s cheaper than worrying about insurance” and see it as a real deal, and you know what, big companies could look at it that way too.  Fines and penalties when it comes to items of such are from image the 70s and 80s, which I think is where most of the Senate still is.  This still does nothing to help the individual either, so what gets accomplished with such a rule – nothing.  Why not just bite the bullet and assess a 1 or 2 cent national sales tax and be done with it, and get the government plan in place.   A penny or two is affordable and other budget items they have been looking at are not.  

We have taxes now and I would rather pay a penny or two more at the store than to see what we have today.  Funny we worry so much about the word tax, but this is a cheap one for goodness sakes and would bring in a lot of revenue with everyone contributing too, so why not stop worrying about dollars and focus on some pennies that could substantiate some real help.  BD

Businesses with 25 employees or more would be required to offer health insurance or pay $750 a year per full-time worker to the federal government, under health care reform legislation being considered in the Senate.

A "play or pay" employer mandate has been looming for months, but Democrats on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee finally defined how small a business would need to be in order to be exempted from the requirement.

Most business groups oppose requiring employers to provide health care or pay a fee to the government, even if there is an exemption for small businesses. They contend it would kill jobs and hurt businesses that are struggling to survive in a tough economy. Plus, they say the mandate would do nothing to address health care's underlying problem: It costs too much. Reduce the price of health insurance, they argue, and more businesses would provide it

Senate eyes 25-employee threshold for health mandate - Washington Business Journal: Washington Bureau

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