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Semi-Hard Hat A ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:20pm

  Semi-Hard Hat Area:   I used their beta version a couple years ago and this indeed image is an interesting approach to virtualization and it has come a long way since then.   For electronic records as an example the virtual could be on a USB stick and set up to connect to the server where the virtual is stored, as one of the case studies with the concept was a large HMO that allowed physicians to carry the USB stick when mobile.   There is also a MAC version.  The basic creator is free and you can easily download a player, so from the site it you wanted to try out a LivePC, all you would need is the player, since you would only be using a "public" LivePC.   For an IT department, the professional version would be required to be able to host on a server.  If you want to try one of the virtuals, download a player and the desired machine.  The pictures below have links to the virtual machines.  An administrator could easily load an EMR that is software ready to work with the system to connect to a designated server or even just have the virtual machine be a VPN for connecting to the network location with authentication....from the great minds of Stanford!  BD  (the same place that created the car that can drive itself, Junior)....BD  image

Three-year-old start-up MokaFive entered the hosted desktop virtualization fray  Monday, joining a growing crowd of competitors out to make enterprise and eventually consumer computing more manageable and flexible by offering virtual desktops as a service or as compressed images that can fit on even a USB stick.

image MokaFive, which like VMware emerged from Stanford, has about 20 pilot customers testing its software, including a large HMO using LivePC to allow doctors to carry their PC image and applications with them as they move around to different wings of a hospital.   SAP is also using LivePC to allow salespeople to demonstrate complicated applications that require a specific computing environment. image When an admin installs new service packs on the server-based image, applications or hot fixes to the server-based image, the LivePC player downloads only the necessary changes.

image MokaFive licenses LivePC as a hosted service where companies upload images to MokaFive servers in the cloud or as a server-based desktop virtualization offering for the same price . It supports Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, and a custom Linux distribution known as Bare Metal as host machines.

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