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Scary story about hospital bug i ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:23pm

Scary story about hospital bug in Canada was in the air it appears...all hospitals world wide are combating bugs...perhaps soon there will be an end to to shared rooms and every patient may require a private room at this pace...BD  

A small cyst had to be removed from Ronald Devito's kidney. At 64, he was a man in good health who was having a serious love affair with golf. Surgery was required - even if it interfered with his game. But the operation at Saint-Luc Hospital in Montreal in July, 2005, turned more serious when his entire right kidney had to be removed. At the time, Mr. Devito thought that was the worst of his troubles.  Mr. Devito said he never touched the patient, with whom he shared a room for two days, but he noted that direct contact with another person isn't required to get the infection.

Although C. difficile is found in hospitals across Canada, it's been on a particularly devastating killing rampage in Quebec, where 2,000 people have died of it since 2003. Hospital roommate carried infection

One more story about 4 new born babies hit with Staph in Scotland...BD

Three of the babies, who are all under three weeks old, have been discharged from hospital after treatment with antibiotics; the fourth remains in hospital, although doctors described the child's condition as "improving."

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