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Saying Goodbye To Varicose Veins

Posted Aug 16 2010 4:28am
Spider veins or varicose veins often occur in the legs when there is a blockage of the blood flow between the heart and the extremities. They develop when the one-way valves in our circulatory systems that allow blood to flow from the veins of the legs back to the heart don’t close all the way. This allows some of the blood to pool in the leg veins, causing them to bulge, causing swelling and discoloration. The option of surgery as an effectivevaricose vein treatment Los Angelescosmetic specialists say, is sometimes necessary to address the problem.

The reason why older people get varicose veins is loss of collagen. AccordingLos Angeles Botox experts, lack of collagen diminishes the elasticity in the skin and veins. When the veins of an older person become blocked, they are more likely to lose their shape and elasticity than they would in a younger, more flexible body.

Treating varicose veins is not considered to be a health issue.Spider vein removal Los Angelescosmetic surgeons tell us, is typically for aesthetic purposes, however, on occasion, the build-up of blood in one area can cause other peripheral health concerns. Blood seeps into places it isn’t intended to go, making surgical removal necessary. For instance, if a blocked and swollen vein gets too close to the surface of the skin, it can become over-sensitive to abrasions. There is some research that suggests the presence of varicose veins increases the likelihood of skin cancer and blood clotting problems.

Varicose veincosmetic laser surgery Los Angelessurgeons explain, is usually handled as an outpatient procedure. After the anesthetic wears off, there may be a slight burning sensation where the incision was made, a little bleeding and some pain. Leaving the bandages on is recommended for the first couple of days. In most cases, regular bathing can be resumed two days after surgery. The incisions need to be kept clean and watched for signs of infection. Any changes in skin tone should be reported to the doctor immediately for diagnosis.

It is important to support the legs with extra dense elastic and support the skin while it is healing to help skin and muscle tissue close up as tightly as possible. After a few weeks, the stockings can come off and will not produce any other positive effects by continuing to wear them. As with any cut, healing and visible marks become less pronounced after the cut has healed. Bruises are normal after surgery and may last up to a month. Aches or sore in the legs may continue for a few weeks after the surgery.

Post-operation exercise and gentle stretching is recommended; it is important to keep the blood circulating. Avoid sitting for long periods of time because this can contribute to the formation of blood clots or a thrombus. Exercise during the recovery period can cause a dull ache, however, the long-term benefits far outweigh the discomfort of engaging in mild post-surgery exercise. Removing varicose veins should improve the blood flow to and from the heart. Usually there are no complications, although sometimes phlebitis (swelling that leads to a thrombus) can result in some cases. Consult your health care professionals atwww.nuvelaesthetica.comto learn more about varicose vein treatment.

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