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Save money on dental care, contact lenses, hospitals and prescription drugs

Posted Apr 06 2009 11:15pm
When it comes to saving money and shopping around for the best value when purchasing groceries, books, electronics, clothing, automobiles, and vacations - you have the tools you need to help you find the best value. You know how to compare costs, clip coupons, look up prices and research recommendations to determine value. But do you know how to save money on your prescription drugs, contact lenses, dental care and doctors visits? recently published an article to help you save money on drugs and doctors. The article covers tips on:

Dental Care: Have you considered using dental schools for your next dental check-up? These schools charge a lot less than regular dentists. The American Dental Association publishes a list of accredited dental schools you can review.

Contact Lenses: Why pay more than you have to for contact lens? You can purchase your next pair of contact lenses online and save yourself up to 50% of what your eye doctor charges for the exact same contacts. Here is one of many online shopping sites to compare costs.

Prescription Drugs: If you don’t have a sufficient prescription plan, why pay more than you have to when you fill your prescriptions? The Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs website tells you if there is a less expensive drug that could work the same as the one you’ve been prescribed.

Hospital Bills: It is common knowledge that hospitals often make billing errors. You should always review the detailed charges on your bill, and expect to find errors. The Patient Advocate Foundation will help you review your medical bill for no charge.

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