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Sarah Palin’s stand on chronic illness

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:31am

Have you heard what Sarah Palin is saying about healthcare access for people with chronic illness?


That’s because she hasn’t said a thing,   Nor has any other candidate  (and in case the media frenzy has caused  you to forget, there are 4 candidates in this race.)

Am I surprised no one is talking about this? NO.

The words ‘chronic illness’ don’t slip off too many tongues (except those who have it).   But ‘healthcare access’ does.  And if the next administration works to improve access, it will no doubt include folks who really need it, the chronically ill.

The outcomes of this election matter - for many reasons.  They matter to me and they should to you. But since I blog about career and chronic illness, I’ll stick to that point.

Too many people are struggling to get jobs and keep jobs –  because the economy is lousy.  And too many people are struggling to get and keep jobs they don’t even like –people who have real and debilitating illnesses - - because they need the health care insurance.  And the worst of it is the system is so broken that most of the time, people who earn the least, have  insurance that doesn’t cover the majority of their costs.

How do I know?   My clients and the hundreds of emails I get from chronically ill people who want career help but are struggling and can’t afford anything other than food, housing and  huge medical costs.

So, please, don’t be fooled into thinking that because Sarah Palin is a  woman (you’ve gotta’ read Gloria Steinem’s words on this) that she’s going to work for your interests.  Or John McCain - who, at his best, wasn’t interested in promoting legislation that helped the working class or the poor.

And yes, I do believe that Barak Obama and Joe Biden will work for the issues we care about.  Will they be successful in turning around this downward cycle we’re in on too many fronts to count?  I feel more pessimistic than I ever have about the state of this union so  I honestly don’t know.

But  if you know me and my work, you know I care about intention.  I’ll give my vote to those who at least have the right intention.

Rosalind   aka

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