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Rotator Cuff Repair–Is Surgery Always Needed And What If It Is-Straight Talk (Video)

Posted Jan 04 2011 3:36pm

This is a an important part of the body by all means and it can be miserable.  We image have another video from Dr. Luks with some straight talk about what happens when you have a tear or injury on your shoulder rotator cuff. 

Rotational motion is what the rotator cuff does for us and sometimes tissues wear out too and he states that many of the patients he sees are not due to an accident or fall, but rather the cuff wear out, I guess just like knees and hips.  I’m glad we have doctors around that can fix us up whether it is an injury or if the cuff just ages and wears out like the other workings parts of our body.

Down below there’s a link too for his “straight talk” on knee implants too and well worth a watch as well.  BD

I see many patients every week with shoulder pain.  Most shoulder pain comes from the rotator cuff... a series of 4 small muscles that coordinate the motion of the shoulder.  BUT... not all rotator cuff pain is because of a rotator cuff tear.  The most common cause of shoulder pain is actually tendinosis, or degeneration of the tendon --- I suggest you check out the description here .
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