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Retail Clinics – The More Affordable Limited Mini ER Room and Physician’s Office With Quality of Service

Posted Sep 01 2009 4:00pm

When retail clinics first opened, this was one of the big questions, would quality be there.  The clinics also handle a limited amount of treatments and diagnosis areas too, so they can’t be 100% compared with the private practice or full service ER room.  For what they are providing though the survey image says good. 

They also use electronic medical records and all patient information can be shared with a PHR too, Google Health or HealthVault.  Occasionally I stop in to see one and chat and the couple I have seen in Orange County are great and most of the time, ready to serve.  From a prior post below, and they tell you what to bring along too:

Minute Clinic Visits Pricing and What you Should Bring with You – Medical Information and History



There are just under 1000 clinics located throughout the US.  BD


Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Medical clinics found in stores such as CVS Caremark Corp. offer a similar quality of service to physicians’ offices and urgent-care centers, for prices as much as a third less, a study found.

The average cost of care at a retail clinic was $110, compared with $166 at doctors’ offices, $156 at urgent-care centers and $570 at emergency rooms, according to research published tomorrow in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study examined more than 15,000 cases of ear infection, sore throat and urinary tract infection in Minnesota between 2005 and 2006.

CVS Clinics Match Care Offered at Physician’s Offices in Study -

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