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Researchers identify new protein that triggers breast cancer

Posted Jan 15 2009 6:25pm

Breast Cancer and genomic studies are right up front in anyone’s interest.  From the new study and identification of the protein, it appears that new types of therapy could be on the way soon in the fight against breast cancer.  Cancer studies are becoming very advanced and with the use of identifying proteins that tend to create cancer cells it will help in generating specific treatment plans.   BD 

Canadian researchers have identified a new protein in the progression of breast cancer. According to a recent study from the University de Montreal and the University of Alberta, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the protein ARF1 plays a critical role in cancer cell growth and the spread of tumors. Targeting this protein with drug therapy may provide hope to women with breast cancer.

“Until now, ARF1 has been associated with harmless albeit important housekeeping duties of cells,” says senior author Audrey Claing, a professor of pharmacology at the University de Montreal. “ The University de Montreal and the University of Alberta team is the first to characterize the role of ARF1 in breast cancer.”

Dr. Claing and her colleagues used invasive breast cancer cell lines to study ARF1’s role. These cells are sensitive to a particular growth factor, called epidermal growth factor or EGF, which has previously been shown to stimulate tumor growth and invasion. Their findings suggest that EGF works through ARF1 in these cells. In addition, when ARF1 activity was chemically blocked, breast cancer cell migration and growth was reduced. Conversely, when ARF1 was overproduced in these cells, their movement was enhanced.

Researchers identify new protein that triggers breast cancer | BreakThrough Digest Medical News

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