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Research on Semi Industrial Ore Beneficiation Test

Posted Dec 06 2012 12:54am

The semi-industrial ore beneficiation experiment is carried out in the special semi-industrial test plant or the workshop. The test can be a wholly continuous process. In addition, the test can also be a continuous or semi-industrial standalone test for the local job. The purpose of the test is to verify that the process programs of the laboratory and obtain the technological economic indicators similar to the production, which can provide a reliable basis for the concentrator design or lay the foundation for further industrial test. The equipment used for the semi-industrial test is the small-scale industrial equipment. There are no clear provisions for the scale of the pilot plant.
For the ore with complex nature and the new process and new equipment without enough production experience, the semi-industrial ore beneficiation test is very necessary. For the mineral area with rich resource, semi-industrial ore beneficiation test can be carried out if necessary to further improve and perfect the process flow and provide stable design data for the design of the new ore dressing plant. When the semi-industrial beneficiation pilot plant is established, you should take into account the possibility of testing for other mining ore. Therefore, the test content and device configuration should have certain flexibility. The semi-industrial pilot plant is actually a small processing workshop. The specifications and models of the equipment selected should be close to the industrial production equipment. The semi-industrial test is produced due to the complex nature of the ore, few production practices or the using of new technology in the design, or large scale of the concentrator. The process and the process parameters provided by the laboratory are not stable enough. The test content for the semi-industrial test includes the followings.
The first is the test ore samples. The semi-industrial test ore samples must be the ore samples taken according to the sampling design. The samples should be basically same as the samples from the laboratory.
The second is the analysis and identification for the original ore. The comprehensive analysis and identification for the original ore is generally no longer required. However, the multi-element chemical analysis, phase analysis, particle size analysis and ore containing the determination of the physical properties of the clay content, density and bulk density are necessary.
The third is the process structure. The semi-industrial tests are carried out based on the ore beneficiation methods recommended by the laboratory tests.

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