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Research Can Help You Drive Patient Volume… or Not

Posted Dec 20 2011 7:43am
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Posted by: on Dec 20, 2011 |

Some of the biggest lies I have ever heard we are talking whoppers started with the phrase “research says.”

Anybody can rationalize their beliefs and behavior, and then give them the appearance of statistical rationality. All you need is a few leading questions and numbers on a graph.

Check out  this link via BusinessWeek  to a somewhat humorous set of examples that show how to justify and correlate anything, no matter how crazy.

Research is one of the most important tools you have, as long as you don’t start out trying to prove a predetermined set of beliefs. But remember, the only fail-safe is intellectual honesty.

If you’re a healthcare marketer, use research to learn (even when it’s painful) to ultimately increase patient volume. Never manipulate research for self-serving purposes. When it comes to research, every opportunity for transparency within your organization is a step closer to becoming a better version of your current state.



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