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Republicans Shelve Medicare Overhaul Plan–Lack of Business Intelligence, Technology And Behavioral Analytics Will Serve To

Posted May 06 2011 12:28pm

Medicare and Healthcare reform are not simple and we saw the presentation made by Ryan and again without having proper technology to query, model and project and at least come up with some type of “proof of concept” here, it’s useless.  Businesses do this all the time with business intelligence and why do you think we read in the papers today about the Fortune 500 and their large profits while the rest of us struggle, if you have not caught on yet it’s technology and using algorithms or formulas to generate profits and find leaking non profitable areas.  This is something Congress is still struggling with and yes their budgets are bigger, larger, and affect the public unlike a company P and L, but same processes need to be applied and in much bigger way.

President Obama is pushing the use of such technologies and recently put out an Executive Order for all agencies to submit a plan within 6 months on how they plan to offer better customer service by using technology. 

Sure private industry doesn’t crack that nut perfectly either but they have and use business intelligence to help them and once more look at their profits, so who’s doing something right here just from a profit standpoint only?  I live in the OC (one of the technology sugar bowls) and goodness sakes I have a representative that can’t even do a town hall beyond the “phone call” that asks if I want to join in, nothing coordinated on the web, and again that’s only my small area so that gives you an idea where digital literacy is perhaps with both representatives and staff too as working with a town hall on the web to allow interaction today is pretty much a given and many Congressmen do this well, so what’s up with the rest of them I ask.  Maybe Ryan has now figured out he didn’t have enough intelligence here and of course this was easy enough to predict as we have a ton of history on this based on reading the news today. 

All levels of government face the same issues to be fair as we just sit around and shake our heads today when we hear some of the laws and level of importance given too. 

Digital Illiteracy Continues With Lawmakers at State Levels–Insane Laws Proposed And Being Passed-Financial Puppeteers (Video)

Lobbyists are very good at both controlling and swaying the digital illiterates and it’s a focus as they have digital literacy and business intelligence efforts that are very much alive and well, that’s the angle they work and they know it when figuring out how to manipulate and probably even use some predictive behavior analytics on how to work with selected Congressmen and don’t think that doesn’t happen as it does.  Behavior analytics if you have not woken up to that fact are everywhere today and I just hope members of Congress realize this that they too get analyzed by lobbyists as they figure out their strategy.  The President gets this too and I think he knows it and is ahead of the game.  If you don’t think the White House works with predictive behavior analytics, think again, they would foolish not too and I believe the latest effort on holding on to the birth certificate incident is a perfect example, holding off and playing the “Trump” card when it was the most beneficial.  It certainly did expose all of the individuals both in Congress and otherwise that get easily distracted today and have a difficult time staying focused on “important” issues.  The news stories are full of that today. 

So how do archaic beliefs and paradigms work with modern methodologies?  Well it doesn’t look that good does it and he can sit back and make pokes at himself in the process…looks like some pretty smart thoughts to me.  Those who do not engage get left out in the outer circle all the time, but the ridiculous news and statements are always good for ratings so it’s covered well. 

If you need a little more on this topic you can read about a company that Google and the CIA have co-invested in and there’s a free version of “Recorded Future” and it’s not bad as I use it for some general predictive reading and some of my posts and it channels me in directions to look and pursue for some of my posts you see here.  It’s a no brainer for me and I get emailed updates as I select topics and items I want to track so again for some of my subject content here it works for me. 

With all the rumblings with Johnson and image Johnson I decided to track what Recorded Future has to say there and I get a nice timeline and so forth, pretty cool stuff and it gives me related topics to where involvement can be, what hot topics on on their listing and items to also watch. Again I have experimented here just to be on top and to see what technologies can do and their value with behavioral analytics use.  I don’t think between business intelligence and some type of predictive monitor you can create good laws today. You can see by this simple example the new prostate cancer drug is right in there as a timeline to watch as a related item that is predicting to have impact.  I just happened to use J and J as that what was in the inbox today. 

The other day a report came out on wireless and telehealth being left out of Meaningful use and I went back and found my post from February of 2010 so hopefully in using some predictive tools myself it will help make me a better blogger too with the ability to also connect some perhaps “forgotten dots” to help bring everything current with enough background and history.  Now you know some of my secrets in blogging here too <grin>. I would be a fool not to review and see if it can help me out and again it’s not 100% and is “predictive” but it does offer some great insight.  

Some of the problems though that we have today are companies like health insurers who take all their algorithms to the bank and think that numbers solve everything, which it does not as we still have human ethics at stake. I also have to not be “stupid” myself and use an intelligent interpretation of such information as otherwise I look useless too.  I certainly do not agree with everything out there today by any means but hopefully can create an awareness and use my little tiny shelf area of transparency to share with others, so you are perhaps advised on what’s in the making.

Again between better technologies and perhaps some better use of predictive behavior analytics, it could stand to help Congress, and in this case it appears to be the GOP needing it right now.  Again one more time I’ll beat this horse about needing needing new methodologies for lawmakers and the judicial system too as they have to offer legal interpretations on what rolls out today.  One example I wrote about recently in view of all the budget cuts and so forth related to perhaps a non conception value of the cost and time involved with IT infrastructure today. 

We can use this as an example of a bill that would have never been created I believe if the cost of IT infrastructure and time and expense were measured against having to cut in so many budget areas.  In other words work smart and we don’t always need to create data and information “just because it’s there” and in this case in my opinion it would accomplish little and cost millions as today with everyone working diligently at their data systems, we are seeing so much flawed data either due to lack of updates or algorithms that were created to produce “desired” results maybe instead of “accurate” results.  Sadly they are not always the same and the crash of 2008 proved that point beyond a doubt.

So whether it is getting a bank of servers with machine learning like IBMWatson or renting some space from the DOE on their high powered server base, do something in this direction, please and don’t wait too long so as a Congress you have the same or comparable technologies to go to battle with.  The two links below on a couple of my prior posts may offer some insight on my ideas and feel free to add to them as I am only one person and collaboration is the name of the game today and again I hope my limited use as related to blogger helps make this a better blog too.  I do my best.   

1.7 Billion Super Computer Hours Awarded by the DOE–Biomedical Research Projects Included for Parkinson’s and Cancer

One last item is a video from what Yale University and IBM are doing with analytics and how they are working to prepare future employees to be able to work in this field and intelligently use them in the course of every day business as big corporations and again they all use it today and we circle back to the Fortune 500 profits being bigger than ever and this is a big part of it so don’t ignore the white elephant in the living room.  BD 

WASHINGTON — House Republicans signaled Thursday that they were backing away from the centerpiece of their budget plan — a proposal to overhaul Medicare — in a decision that underscored both the difficulties and political perils of addressing the nation’s long-term fiscal problems.

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