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Replacement Procedure of Thrust Board of Jaw Crusher

Posted Nov 24 2012 5:41am

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is a well-know brand in the mining machinery manufacturing industry, which is a share holding system integrated with the development, research, production and the sales. How to replace the thrust spring and the thrust board at the bottom of the jaw crusher when they are damaged? The experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will detailed introduce the replacement procedure of the thrust board of the jaw crusher in this article.
When the thrust board of the crusher is seriously worn or the front thrust board is broken, you must remove the ore stones in the crushing cavity and remove the worn or broken thrust board. In addition, you should check if the toggle plate on the moving jaw and the connecting rod are damaged. You should pull the moving jaw near the fixed jaw. Replace the old thrust board with a new thrust plate after lubricate with dry oil on the working face of the toggle plate so that the new thrust plate can slowly contact with the working face of the toggle plate. You should tense the level rod so that the moving jaw can nip the thrust plate.  Tighten the security cover and connect the lubrication system, and then adjust the size of the discharge mouth.
The most frequent repair project for the jaw crusher is to replace the thrust plate. For the whole crusher machine, you should first disassemble the thrust plate. You should tighten the baffle bolt and cut off the dry oil lubricating pipe to hang the thrust plate on the hook of the crane or other lifting equipments. Then you can loose one end of the spring of the waling stripe. Pull the moving jaw to the direction of the fixed jaw and remove the thrust plate. If you need to remove the back thrust board, you should open the connecting rod, front thrust board and the moving jaw together. After disassembling the thrust, you should cut off the dilute lubricating oil tubing and the cooling water pipe. There should be a frame at the lower part of the connecting rod. Then you can disassemble the rod cap in order to lift out rod.

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