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Remote Monitoring - How will Patient Information Flow to the EMR?

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:21pm

The aging population and increasing importance of EMRs as tools to capture and manage clinical patient information are being matched by the growth of personal health records, the desire for individuals to live longer and healthier lives and a pervasive growth of remote montoring technologies.

This is a very interesting video clip from the Continua Alliance that describes some very realistic patient scenarios. An elderly parent with a memory disorder post hip fracture who still wants to live independently, a healthy adult who communicates with her personal trainer electronically in terms of monitoring her health goals and a recently diagnosed diabetic.

Remote monitoring is just around the corner and over time, some of this information will be desirable in the physician's EMR. However, how much information and how will it be usefully integrated without disrupting physician workflow?

What do you think about this scenario? Is it realistic givent the time and resource constraints related to providing care? Have you have had any experience as a physician with remote monitoring whether it be accessing a patient's personal health record or actually having a patient transmit healthcare information to you via the web or into your EMR?

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