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Remote Area Medical Wraps Up Free Medical Care Clinic in Sacramento and Moves to Oakland For Another 4 Days of Free Care

Posted Apr 04 2011 2:38pm

What can you say about our healthcare system when fine organizations like Remote Areas Medical come to our rescue?  We still have a system that is horribly flawed, digital illiterate lawmakers that have issues creating laws to cover healthcare and nothing seems to improve.  The only thing that improves are the algorithmic formulas run by insurance companies for profit and the banks that back them.  It’s a sad reality but that’s what’s going on. Stan Brock, founder of RAM has publicly spoken out many times about doctors being able to cross state lines to donate their time for his clinics and thus far that has fallen on deaf ears.

Lawmakers all over the US have been technically outsmarted and this is what we are left with, those who do know how to use formulas for profit.  In the Los Angeles area we benefited tremendously too in the last couple of years from the RAM efforts.  You can hear from the video below at the huge response of people lining up for free care and many were many people employed without health insurance. 

In a time where we have millionaires and billionaires donating their income back to help society in some areas,via the Giving Pledge, greed still lives in other areas.  Click here or on the image below to visit the Remote Area Medical Website for more information. 


If you want to learn more about how some of this occurred with algorithmic formulas over the last number of years with financial institutions, check out this link and watch the movie, warning though you may get better educated but you will probably be very angry when finished and again this type of financial greed impacts healthcare directly in the US every day.  BD 

SACRAMENTO, CA- The final day of a hugely popular free clinic in Sacramento takes place Monday.

The clinic, put on by the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps, began at Cal Expo on Friday and thousands  of patients have been provided with free medical, dental and eye care in the first three days.

Nearly 500 Northern California medical professionals volunteered their help.

"Everybody here has been incredibly appreciative and the entire RAM organization has done a great job of organizing everything," said Dr. Craig Alpha, an Oakland dentist who volunteered Saturday and Sunday.

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