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REMEDY - before its too late

Posted Jul 28 2009 12:16am
Anyone who thinks that the General Medical Council acts in the interests of patients might like to consider this.

A group of British doctors have, through MMC (Modernising Medical Careers) destroyed the careers of a generation of doctors.

Remedy ( ) want the General Medical Council (GMC) to take action against those British doctors because of the incompetent way they introduced the scheme and wilfully destroyed professional medical training in this country. The General Medical Council refused to take action and Remedy challenged the General Medical Council in the High Court

The GMC cherry picks the doctors it prosecutes in its quasijudicial show trials ( GMC press office ). Each case represents a stark warning to doctors - do not question the status quo, do not question vaccination, do not bring forward new ideas, do it our way or you will not stay a doctor for long. The GMC's refusal to prosecute this group of British doctors shows up in stark relief where their interests lie.

As Margaret Thatcher said of Aids "Don't die of ignorance". Find out what the General Medical Council is doing to the medical profession in this country.

Read more about this on Remedy's website Remedy ( ) and on NHS exposed

(c) Dr. Liz Miller

Copyright(c)2006 : Dr Liz Miller
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