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Regenerative Medicine for Herniated and Degenerative Disc Diseases–Stem Cells

Posted Nov 04 2010 11:55pm

One more amazing technology taking place in Texas to where laser surgery is done image as a minimally invasive procedure and then follow up with stem cell treatment or just the stem cells alone for pain management.  This is the first I have heard for disc therapy as we are probably well aware of the spinal cord trials that are on going that began at UCI earlier this year. 

The stem cell therapy on it’s own is done on an outpatients basis, and one good thing I have to say is that we are not hearing of any if few side effects anywhere image on stem cell therapies as the cells are natural to our bodies.  Treatments are exclusively done at the Gelling Treatment Centers and you can find more information here and contact information.  If one can avoid surgery it certainly seems to be worth it all the way around.  BD  

From the Website:

“At CELLING TREATMENT CENTERS, we provide safe, effective stem cell therapy for treatment of osteoarthritis, arthritis pain, disc pain and disc degeneration for those who have failed conventional therapies.

This treatment is performed at local hospitals and surgery centers on an out-patient basis. Typically, only one treatment is necessary for most patients.  The goal of therapy is to reduce joint inflammation or spine disc pain, facilitate healing and slow progression of arthritis.”

Among the most innovative of these modern back pain treatment options image are the so-called biologic therapies, which include the use of stem cells. Dr. Mark Flood, Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of Celling Treatment Centers in Austin, TX, is one of the very first physicians to use stem cell transplantation for disc regeneration. Anyone suffering from a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease might now be suitable candidates for Dr. Flood’s unique RegenaDISC therapy , in which case they would no longer have to rely on spinal fusion or other major surgery to obtain pain relief.

The RegenaDISC procedure can be used to treat discs that have been degraded by injury or aging, no matter whether they are located in the lumbar (lower), thoracic (middle and upper) or cervical (neck) spine. This minimally invasive technique involves the transplantation of mesenchymal (adult) stem cells, and is performed as an outpatient procedure.

These stem cells have the capacity to increase the production of proteoglycan to assist in replacing what is lost when discs degenerate. Proteoglycan helps give spinal discs bulk and hydration; as depletion occurs they start to dry out and become more prone to damage. RegenaDISC disc regeneration therapy can thereby help to restore your disc health, slow down the degenerative process and reduce your pain so that you can get back to your normal life without having to spend several weeks recovering from surgery.

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