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Reader's Questions: Where is the best place to start with a scope control process?

Posted Jul 02 2009 6:31pm

As a part of our help out a reader section here on Anticlue, every Sunday we will be helping out our followers by answering a reader's question. This week, our question is "Where is the best place to start with a scope control process?" from Valerie.

Our advice to Valerie is to start with a frank discussion with the project sponsor. If you see a need, you will need your project sponsor's support and agreement. Normally, this is a simple discussion as the project sponsor has an investment controlling scope. During the conversation, establish what responsibilities will be needed by the project sponsor, the project manager, and the project team.

The next step will be to establish the process. We have shared a scope management standard previously, which can be leaned down for the basic process. If one is going from no process, be careful not to fall into the trap of too much process. Either extremes yield chaotic project management environments.

If you have a suggestion on another way to approach this common issue, please share!

Otherwise please let us know your questions for next Sunday's ARQ (answer reader questions) We look forward to hearing you ask. As always, all questions and suggestions are welcomed.

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