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Profiles of the Incineration Device of Rotary Kiln

Posted Nov 05 2012 1:21am

With the improvement of people's living standards and the implementation of the country's industrialization process, the material consumption of the whole society rapidly increases. Therefore, the large amount of wastes and the damage to the environment have become a very important issue for us. Since the capacity of the soil, water and air for the waste in the whole nature is limited, the improvement of the public environment protection consciousness and the resource recycling consciousness, and the booming development of the international environmental protection industry have put forward higher and higher requirements for the disposal of the wastes.
One part of the waste has great damage to the natural environment and people's lives. The problems have existed for a long time, so they belong to unresolved issues. For example, the wastewater and sludge from the industries, such as chemical, metallurgy, printing and dyeing industry or the wastes from the medical system will cause much more serious damage to the environment and the health of the human and animals than the damage caused by the general wastes. In addition, this destruction is long-term and latent. There are many incineration devices to deal with the hazardous waste. The devices mainly include the single-chamber incinerators, duplex incinerators, fixed bed control of oxygen incinerators, mechanical hearth incinerators, rotary kiln fluidized bed incinerators, liquid injection incinerator, plasma electric arc furnace and plasma gasification furnace.
The temperature in the rotary kiln is very high, which can burn almost all organic hazardous wastes. Improving the temperature is helpful for the decomposition of harmful components in the wastes and can inhibit the generation of black smoke. However, too high temperature not only increases the consumption of the energy and reduces the economy, but also is easy to damage the liner in the furnace, which will shorten the service life of the rotary kiln. In addition, too high temperature will increase the volatile amount of the metal and the generation of the nitrogen oxides in the wastes. As a result, we must choose and control reasonable temperature for the incineration of the waste in the incineration device of the rotary kiln.

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