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Processing Technics for Components of Cone Crusher

Posted Nov 20 2012 3:02am

The heat treatment is to put the metal material in certain medium for heating, insulation and cooling to control the performance of the material by changing the surface and the internal metallographical structure. The whole heat processing used for the components of the cone crusher mainly includes the annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. However, for some components of the cone crusher, such as the gears and shaft, surface attrition and friction will exist with the alternating stress. Therefore, the workface of the machine is required to have very high hardness and wear resistance, and the central portion has sufficient strength and toughness to withstand certain impact load. Therefore, after the overall quenching, the surface heat treatment process is very necessary.
Annealing is to heat the workpiece to certain temperature and to make it maintain sufficient time. Then it is cooled with enough slow speed so that steel gets balance structure in the heat process. According to the difference of the heating temperature of the workpiece, the annealing can be divided into complete annealing and incomplete annealing. The process used for various steel workpieces is according to the specified requirements in the production process. The tempering is to heat the quenched steel again to certain temperature which is lower than the phase transformation point to improve he structure and performance of the steel.
Normalizing is to heat the steel pieces above 40 ° C to 60 ° C and to insulate it for certain time. Then the steel pieces are cooled in still air. Quenching is to heat the steel pieces to certain temperature and insulate it for certain time to get the quenching temperature. According to the quenching temperature and the heating temperature, the quenching can be divided into the complete quenching and the incomplete quenching.
The surface heat treatment of the components of the cone crusher can be divided into the quenching and chemical heat treatment. The surface hardening is usually to heat the superficial layer above the critical point and rapidly cool it. There are a lot of heating ways for the surface hardening, which mainly includes the induction heating, flame heating and electric contact heating. The induction heating is mostly used in the factories. 

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