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Problems with Using Accounting Statistics Without Projective Algorithmic Process Modeling-Cut Spending Without Viewing Alternati

Posted Nov 12 2010 10:50am

Yes I read everything that was in the news like everyone else did yesterday and this is my take on this situation.  I keep saying these folks on Congress need some “brains” or what I call Algo Men to help them before taking an immediate stance and coming out in public with items as such which is not what the American public wants to hear, me neither. 

Granted everyone might want to hear what new plans and alternatives are but my question here is did they take time to explore any of this?  I think this is a big question too and I base my reserves here on the fact that the GOP mission was created in a pdf format where the producers of the document were not savvy enough to remove their names, staff members that were former lobbyists for big corporations.  Rachel Maddow had the big story on this one with images and names.  Again, how in the world can effective laws be created and intelligent stands be taken without this todayWall Street certainly doesn’t function this way at all, and they have all the money, so what’s up with this?    How can you regulate a business you don’t understand?  The link below has the entire details and video and below are a couple paragraphs from the original post from a few months ago.  Wall Street hires the best Algo Men around. 

“She talks about the GOP Pledge and the pdf format that was used for the original presentation.  We all deal with pdf documents all the time and she of course brings image something forward we all probably use, “right click’ properties.  The properties show the some of the folks who created input here to include AIG, Pfizer, some oil companies and others so it appears they all had input and this is the Republican pledge that came from a staffer who was formerly a big time lobbyist.  Do lobbyists have influence, sort of looks that way when the properties of his document show the sources here. 

It doesn’t matter much what you say today if you don’t have the appropriate algorithms in place to back you up, read it every day in the news with the OMG stories.  I wrote my own analogy about some of this and flat out we have image lawmakers trying to create laws that govern technology that they have no clue on how it works, dangerous.  I see this rhetoric of going back to the 70s and I guess it appears to be a time when folks seem to find a subject they feel qualified to talk about, best I can figure.  In another video you can listen to Rachel talk about the GOP talk about those wanting to privatize Medicare, Social Security and the VA.  This one will get your blood pumping.”

Just for the sake of convenience and to emphasize the importance of IT Literacy for our leaders today, here’s the video for another look:

I am truly afraid of a Congress that just seems to be grasping at accounting numbers and just doing a straight cut routine without projecting some additional models that could offer more solutions, but that’s the world of what I generally call the “non participants” in this area.  We want a smart Congress and not more antics and soap opera type of news.  We can all certainly stand today to do without the opera kings and queens in Washington and want some intelligent solutions and at least know they have some Algo Men helping them out. 

When you realize that everything today with laws and policies requires an IT infrastructure these things bother me as we can’t ignore this fact as technology throws us a new left curve every day and denial is not a river in Egypt as someone said.  Walgreens CEO and CFO are entirely in the loop here and spoke out 2 days after the election on the stand of repeal, for goodness sakes IT infrastructure does not grow on trees, it costs a ton of money and time. 

With complex data systems and information sharing, you can’t merely just take a stand and then go back and ask technologists to “make it work for you” as those days are long gone and big expenses and consequences are at stake.

Talk of Repealing Healthcare Law–How About the Expense of the IT Infrastructure Algorithm Resets And Costs That Would Be Required?

I guess they just don’t get it and again someday soon we may be looking at digital laws being algorithmically centric, otherwise they don’t have enough teeth.  The New Jersey legislature is getting wise with their new bill and it talks specifically about health insurance algorithms and the need to be responsible. 

About a year ago I made this post about needing a Department of Algorithms and if not that than something along this line soon otherwise we are sunk. 
“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

Insurance companies sure live and die by them too and get into trouble when they set the parameters to high too, and the formulas can be adjusted too and they get sued over the ending results the come out with denied coverage, claims, etc.  Earlier this year we had the “breast cancer algorithm” that found patients with the disease and scored them and it was claimed they were denied care or coverage, again base on the algorithms. 

Insurance Companies Under Attack with Lawsuits – Generated by Their Algorithms

In view of what I heard with just straight cutting I’m disappointed as intelligence might offer some better solutions, that is if we can convince those in Congress to use some modeling here and not just rely on accounting.  Google uses it and even invested in a company that uses predictive algorithms too.  Can we learn something here?

Yup I’m scared of what I hear without substantiation and understanding of IT infrastructure costing. New drugs are even being created this way with algorithmic modeling that does the work on the computer until the late stages to when a lab is set up and that way if the research is not deemed to be a success, money is saved without setting up actual labs and science moves in another direction with new modeling. Bill Gates has invested in this and believes in it too. 

It’s not Superman, Spiderman or even Wonder Woman that creates solutions and become our heroes, it’s the “Algo Men” with all the data, algorithms and wisdom for innovation.  BD

Republicans who took over the House on pledges to reduce federal spending and get the nation’s budget in order are running into the third rail of U.S. politics.

A draft proposal from the co-chairman of President Obama’s fiscal commission this week put Social Security on the front burner, leading some Democrats to draw a line in the sand. The proposal would raise the retirement age, slightly reduce benefits and raise the cap on income subject to payroll taxes.

While the proposal was drawn up to keep Social Security solvent and not to deal specifically with reducing the nation’s record deficit, Democratic strategists say it will be difficult for Republicans to duck an issue that has caused them political pain in the past.

“It does put them in a tough position,” Mike Lux, a strategist who works with liberal advocacy groups, said of the GOP. “These kinds of proposals, raising the retirement age and cutting benefits, are overwhelmingly unpopular with the American people."

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