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President Obama Speaks to the American Medical Association – FedEx Does a Better Job Mentioned

Posted Jun 15 2009 4:52pm

If we sit and do nothing, that is what we will get. I do relate to the FedEx package quote below too, I came from that business and it is true.

10 years ago platform workers on the freight docks were using infrared “guns” to shoot at a pallet or box from several feet away for one example and all the information was transferred.  image

Granted this is a much more complicated project as it is the people business, but the processes can be expanded upon and written to work.  Unfortunately it takes more money than anyone desires to spend right now. Waiting to pay out incentives down the road may be too late.  The insurance industry would be asked to make adjustments and levels of profit would change just like what has happened to every other industry.  R and D salaries and expenses need to adjust to reflect the amounts they need to pay, so we have a full snowball effect here with minimal participation by all those involved it appears.  Below is a recent post on the subject, and have they had to change and adjust, sure, like everyone else has and they are seeing lower profits as well. 

One thing to also maybe give some thought too is that we have a President with “first hand” experience, so he’s not talking “Magpie Healthcare” as he participated and went through the process with his own mother who fought and worried about insurance bills.  If a government plan comes into being, then the private carriers will need to adjust, it won’t put them out of business unless they don’t make changes, which is maybe where all this is coming from along with a big fear of the word “change”.  BD 

FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith Talks about the Economy and their Innovations with Technology

It simply doesn't make sense that patients in the 21st century are still filling out forms with pens on papers that have to be stored away somewhere. As Newt Gingrich has rightly pointed out, we do a better job tracking a FedEx package in this country than we do tracking a patient's health records. You shouldn't have to tell every new doctor you see about your medical history, or what prescriptions you're taking. You should not have to repeat costly tests. All of that information should be stored securely in a private medical record so that your information can be tracked from one doctor to another – even if you change jobs, even if you move, and even if you have to see a number of different specialists.

President Obama's speech to American Medical Association -

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