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Predictive Analytics: The Key to Driving Patient Volume?

Posted Feb 23 2012 7:46am
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The real key to understanding how healthcare marketing can lower costs, save lives, and drive bottom line contribution margin is understanding how technology can help target exactly the right customers.

The title of this post should probably be, “Target stores already know you are pregnant… so you might as well tell your family.”

The New York Times recently examined how Target and other businesses are using data, or Predictive Analysis, to get customers what they want when they are in the decision making process. It’s worth the read since there are key learnings for hospitals and practices alike. And here is a short video if you’d rather not read it.

The breakthrough at Target happened when a couple of marketing people, yes marketing people, went to a data cruncher and asked if they could find out which customers were pregnant. They answer was yes.

The challenge for you might be to have a conversation with the data crunchers in your organization, such as those who run your CRM system or those in decision support. Ask them, “How do we identify those in the community that need specific DRG’s and CPT’s?” Or, “How can I identify members of our community who are likely to have a heart attack this year?”

Seriously, those questions could be the beginning of something great.

No matter what health reform does, or how reimbursement changes, healthcare marketers will have to get better at lowering costs, saving lives, and contributing to financial sustainability. The way to accomplish these objectives is through understanding the numbers to increase patient volume. And not just any patient volume, but driving the right patients into the right service lines.

For additional information on how providers are using data to their advantage, check out these case studies .

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