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PositiveID The “Chip” People are Back-an Agreement with Siemens To Expand Wireless Body Monitoring With A Chip Impla

Posted Jan 05 2011 3:30pm

Back in July of 2010, the chip folks kind of hung it up and people didn’t want to be chipped but now Siemens has an interest here.  This involves monitoring body behaviors with the identification of an implanted medical device in the body.  In short it looks like Siemens is going to explore the use of the implants combined with other technologies, RFID.  Put the chip and monitor the patient in short. 

They had the technology already to connect to a personal health record with data and had some research in the direction of diabetes management.  Here’s a past article on that research as well as one on the personal health records. 

VeriChip Implant Links To Your PHR Health Records, Credit History, Social Security With PositiveID

So in the near future you may be looking at Siemens wanting you to be “chipped” with this agreement with Positive ID and this looks to be even more data intense than just storing records and slaps bit of “big brother”, so you be the judge there as I understand from reading here this chip is going to be implanted manager. 

Wait until your Wellness Company drops this one you one day for reduced insurance premiums!  It could happen as there’s very little in way of laws that regulate that side of this business.  BD 

PositiveID announced it has entered into an agreement with Siemens related to its Wireless Body platform, an integrated, internal and external, smart health care communication system that has the ability to deliver personalized medical solutions wirelessly.

The license agreement grants PositiveID rights to utilize key intellectual property and Siemens’ patent titled “Method and System for Identification of a Medical Implant” using RFID.

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