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Plans can help you unstuck

Posted Aug 05 2008 1:20pm

Are you stuck when you think about getting a job?  Because, when you do, it seems as if chronic illness shuts every door? 

Or maybe you’re wondering if you should stay at your job or think about something else?  But chronic illness makes it all seem too complicated?

While working with a client recently, a light bulb went off around how people look at their options and fail to think strategically.  It was during the‘bonus coaching call’  that comesfree with the purchase of myWorking With Chronic Illness Workbooksystem.  (You mean you haven’t bought it yet? Click hereto read about it).  

When Daisy (not her real name) explained her current situation — she’s stuck between accepting a job offer that she worries she won’t like (teaching 8th grade math)  or waiting for what she thinks she really wants to do to materialize (getting paid to play in a band). She has to make a decision and she feels paralyzed.  She hates to give up her dreams AND she’s afraid not to commit because that means passing up a sure thing for a long shot.  And, chronic illness leaves her feeling so vulnerable.

But when she broke her career plans into short term, medium term and long term plans, it all looked different. 

   Short term: Take the teaching job which is a one year commitment.

   Middle term:  Spend one weekend day/month developing the band idea and then reassess potential after one year.

   Long term:  EIther continue to pursue bands or in Year 2, enroll in a part time program that get her certified to teach music in public schools within 2 years - bringing her to year 4 of her planning.

Do you want to know how she came up with idea for being a public school music teacher?  I’ll tell you what we did to discover that in my next post.

Do you find this kind of planning useful? Does chronic illness make it more or less difficult to do this and why?

Rosalind aka

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