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Physicians and Managers

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:52pm
Well, it was my first day on the job at my new community health center in the Great American desert. I came across management that expects the CEO to be hands on and a CEO who is working at 30,000 feet. It remain unclear what the organization needs, but expectations are what they are.

I came across physicians frustrated with a series of ineffectual management teams that they are not giving the current group a chance. I would not have come if I didn't believe the current group was worthwhile, but the docs may have seen too much over the years to believe in their current managers.

When doctors and medical staff are not given the credence and attention they deserve, they become passive-aggressive and actively subversive. That partially explains why I met a physician with angle closure glaucoma taking a sick day two days before a routine screening dilated exam!??!

[Angle closure glaucoma is precipitated and/or exacerbated by the dilating drops. The chronic open-angle form requires annual pressure monitoring and only occasional dilation. In any case, there was plenty of time to set up a screening exam within the required 30 days for a planned preventive service.]

Doctors are sometimes too smart for managers to handle. Managers need to spot BS quickly. In the end, it is the community and the patients that are the priority for both managers and doctors. When the environment has become full of mistrust, reminding both parties of their common mission is the only way out. It's been too short a time, but I see no reason this group cannot pull it out.
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