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Pfizer to Offer Free Drugs for Up to a Year for those who have lost Jobs and Insurance – Save that Pink Slip

Posted May 14 2009 3:34pm

Viagra is included, so now that we have that question out of the way, there are several other name brands such as Lipitor on the list.  On July 1st image the website will offer a sign up service. 

There are over 70 in the list, but many already have generic equivalents, so I would guess those who do not have a generic equivalent might be the hottest on the list and perhaps the first in demand.   The article says you will need to show proof with a “pink slip” to show that you have in fact lost your job too.  BD 

TRENTON, N.J. - Pfizer Inc. is unveiling a new program Thursday that will let people who have lost their jobs and health insurance keep taking some widely prescribed Pfizer medications — including Lipitor and Viagra — for free for up to a year.

The world's biggest drugmaker will provide more than 70 of its prescription drugs at no cost to unemployed, uninsured Americans, regardless of their prior income, who lost jobs since Jan. 1 and have been on the Pfizer drug for three months or more.

Applicants will have to sign a statement that they are suffering financial hardship and provide a "pink slip" or similar employer notice. Applications will be accepted through Dec. 31, with medication provided for up to 12 months after approval — or until the person becomes insured again.

Starting Thursday, patients can call a toll-free number, 866-706-2400, to sign up, and those whose drugs are not included in the program will be referred to other company aid programs. Starting July 1, patients can also apply through the Web site,, which has information about the other Pfizer aid programs.

The 70-plus drugs covered include several diabetes drugs and some of Pfizer's top money makers, from cholesterol fighter Lipitor and painkiller Celebrex to fibromyalgia treatment Lyrica and Viagra for impotence. The list includes drugs from several other popular classes, including antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungal treatments, several heart drugs, contraceptives and smoking cessation products. Cheaper generic versions are available for quite a few of the drugs.

Free Lipitor, Viagra, other drugs for jobless - Health care-

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