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Pfizer Moving Fast with Wyeth Integration – Software Analysis Can Help Make this Happen

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:01pm

Going back in time I can remember the acquisition of Warner Lambert, which since has been purchased by Johnson and Johnson as I used to do image business with Pfizer and yet it seemed like it took forever.  Not only in pharma, but I think today all mergers and acquisitions are moving at rocket speeds, first of all simply due to the economy. Second of all, it is possible today with business intelligence software to move at faster speeds as new business models can be cranked out in 24 hours if needed, not to say that is what is being done here, but the capabilities with technology are certainly available with mining to define the desired results in record time. 

The company now has a bigger collection of more experimental drugs and the article states they will continue to license and purchase other companies.  25% of the sales comes from Lipitor, which comes off patent in lat 2011.  BD 

Pfizer Closing Research and Development Sites – Layoffs To Continue – 30,900 in SEC Filing

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pfizer Inc CEO Jeffrey Kindler said the drugmaker is integrating its Wyeth purchase far faster than previous big acquisitions, and it will no longer be overly dependent on one or two blockbuster medications.

Speaking at the Reuters Health Summit on Wednesday, Kindler said Pfizer melded and reshaped its research and development facilities within 20 days of buying Wyeth on October 15. With previous huge mergers, he said, that process had taken "literally years."

"The primary lesson we've learned over the years is how important it is to act very quickly and very decisively," he said, referring to slow prior integrations of U.S. drugmakers Warner Lambert and Pharmacia over the past decade.

Pfizer is best known in the United States for its branded medicines, but is becoming a bigger competitor overseas in generic drugs -- particularly in emerging markets like China.

Pfizer says absorbing Wyeth at top speed | U.S. | Reuters

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