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Pfizer adopts Microsoft OneNote for Web Collaboration With SharePoint

Posted Mar 15 2010 10:22pm

This makes perfect sense since tablet pcs are already in use at Pfizer.  I’m a big One Note fan myself and the article here states that users are basically jumping in on image their own.  At Microsoft OneNote has almost passed up Power Point too.  Sharing with OneNote is great too with SharePoint and secure.  I use Office Live which gives me a small web based Share Point server and One Note files can be shared easily enough and integrated with a set of pst files in Outlook for easy access.  


During my interview with Mike Naimoli with Microsoft Life Sciences we chatted a bit about using tablets and how they work well with collaborating, and if you have a tablet pc you need OneNote to go along with it by all means.  BD 

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has built its Enterprise 2.0 strategy to roll out web collaboration tools internally on the Microsoft OneNote tool that ships with Office 2007.

OneNote is a note-taking tool that fits within the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

Speaking at the Enterprise Social Media Europe conference at Olympia, Simon Revell, associate director for online collaboration and web technology at Pfizer, said, "OneNote allows users to share information very easily. Within the first year [of deploying OneNote] over 600 people at Pfizer are using it, with very little push from IT."

The company has built an Enterprise 2.0 strategy, which allows staff to use web 2.0 tools for collaboration internally, using Microsoft SharePoint 2007, along with its internal wiki, called Pfizerpedia, and OneNote over the past two years.

Revell has seen two main benefits of Pfizer's SharePoint and OneNote Enterprise 2.0 strategy: "OneNote provides a nice stepping stone into our Pfizerpedia enterprise wiki, and gives more people the chance to see the benefit of open collaboration."

Scientists at Pfizer can now draw on a wealth of information very quickly, he said.

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