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Pennsylvania Adult Basic Health Insurance Plan Shuts Down-Ran Out of Money

Posted Mar 02 2011 2:01pm

Former members are being accepted with pre-existing conditions until May 2nd with Blue Cross/Blue Shield who operated the Adult Basic Plan for the state.  The plan image had over 40,000 subscribers, quite a few.  Premiums were are low as $36 a month.  The closest alternative bare bones plan available runs about $148 a month and has a few more items added than “Basic” covered and it is limited to 4 doctor visits per year with Blue Cross.  There is no prescription coverage but Basic did not have that either.  BD 

Tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians woke up without health coverage Tuesday morning, as the state's subsidized insurance program for working people ran out of money and moves to save it failed to gain traction.

"The fiscal reality is there is no money in the budget," said Kevin Harley, a spokesman for Gov. Corbett, who is confronting a $4 billion deficit.

"We can't afford for both of us to be insured," Linda G. Nahrgang said Monday night. She's 57 and he's 44, she said, so she will get the most bare-bones insurance possible. He will go without.

The Democratic Senate leadership met last week with representatives of both the nonprofit Blues and for-profit insurers to propose that the program be continued through June 30 with $25 million from the insurers, another $25 million from the state, and $4 million to be raised by increasing premiums from $36 to $68.

They were turned down, said Lisa Scullin, a spokeswoman for the Senate Democrats. Elizabeth Williams, a spokeswoman for Independence Blue Cross, said that she did not know details but that "there is no agreement about further funding for adultBasic."

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