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Paul Levy Stepping Down as CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston

Posted Jan 07 2011 11:30am

I was reading my usual news feeds and people I follow in Twitter this morning as I was not quite ready for this, as I follow the blog, “Running a Hospital” to find a personal blog note from Paul Levy stating he is stepping down as CEO.  If you are out here image in cyberspace, then you may be aware of his blog and how he has taken time to update and provide information that is perhaps not visible in other avenues on the internet and that’s what bloggers do best, we are dot connectors and make things personal with our own insights. 

He was also the first hospital CEO to open up to transparency and create a blog with regular updates and I haven’t quite seen any other blog that has kept up in that area.  He states in his letter to the hospital (copy included at his blog) that he has had a good nine years and has been part of a team that took the hospital from the verge of bankruptcy to where it is today.  He did not say when he’s leaving but I am maybe guessing there’s a transition period here as someone will need to be hired to take his place.  The blog will remain so thank goodness for social networks so we don’t get disconnected in this crazy world of mass communication that has evolved today too! 

Best of luck to Mr. Levy and we will all stay connected and keep in touch!  From 2009 I made a post with an interview video he did discussing why he blogs,  so you can use the link below to read up.  BD

Why Does a Hospital CEO Blog – Inquiring Minds Wanted to Know – Paul Levy Talks About It

I attach an email that I have sent to the BIDMC staff this morning. It is self-explanatory.
My loyal blog readers can expect continued posts over the coming months. The health care field needs a bit of stimulus every now and then, and this medium has turned out to be more powerful in that regard that I ever could have imagined.
Thank you for your readership and your perceptive comments. Knowing that thousands of people around the world have been watching and participating in this adventure has been more important than you can imagine. Please stay tuned for the coming chapters!

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