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Paucis Verbis: Pulmonary Embolism Clinical Prediction Rules

Posted Jun 03 2011 12:00am

"Should I get a D-Dimer test or CT chest angiogram on my patient with atypical chest pain to rule-out a pulmonary embolism?" This is a common question asked by emergency physicians on a routine basis.

Here are 3 clinical prediction rules: PERC, Wells, and Simplified Geneva Score. Personally, I've never used the Geneva Score, but it's worth looking at.

NOTE: These rules should be used with caution, because none of these scoring protocols are perfect. For instance, in a very recent publication in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, the authors found that the PERC rule does not actually safely exclude PEs . Big bummer for us clinicians.

Thanks to Dr. Kit Tainter (Mount Sinai PGY-4 EM resident) for coming up with the idea for this card!

[ MS Word ] [ PDF ]
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