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Partners in Health Hospital Beginning to Treat Patients in the Town of Hinche in Haiti

Posted Jan 14 2010 3:43pm

Partners in Health in Boston also was set up in Haiti, and their facility is not in Port-au-Prince where all the major damage took place, so citizens are starting to make their way to outlying facilities.   You can read more on the website about their past and present efforts in Haiti.  You may be familiar with Partners in Health as imagewell though their Health IT models and other offerings.

Partners in Care is also one of the non profit agencies where you can send a donation.  Partners in Health has been active in Haiti for over 20 years and operates a full service hospital with over 120 doctors in Hinche.  BD 

From the rubble of the devastated Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, the injured are making their way slowly to outlying hospitals and clinics run by Partners in Health, according to a spokesman with the Boston-based international health agency.

"People have started to arrive," Partners in Health spokesman Andrew Marx said this afternoon from the agency's Boston headquarters. "Some of them are getting there on their own. There has been more than a trickle of people coming in."

At the Partners in Health hospital in the town of Hinche, workers loaded a truck with medical supplies and prepared to make the two-and-a-half-hour journey to Port-au-Prince. The need, they learned from a colleague in the capital city, is acute.  What is less certain, he said, is the safety of workers' relatives. "Many of them have not been able to determine the whereabouts and well-being of their family members," Marx said, "and obviously that's a huge concern." The Partners in Health model -- established in Haiti and later expanded to Peru, Russia, several African nations, and the United States -- depends on developing a local workforce.

Injured begin to arrive at Partners in Health hospitals in Haiti - White Coat Notes -

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