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painless stomach lump

Posted by chezzy10

i have apainless lump in my stomach what could cause this
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There are a number of things it could be...just because it is painless doesn't necessarly mean it is not serious.  I am not a physician but I could guide you in identifying a few more characteristics by which you can get a doctor opinion.  1) How large is it? wide and high?  2) where on your stomach is it located? center just below rib cage? lower right, etc.  3)Does it change in size or shape with activity? or laying flat...various positions.  3) Does it change either size or feeling when you breathe? 4) Have your bowel habbits changed in relation to this lump?  There is some good discussion on this topic at the following site:
it is on the upper right side by my rib cage.  It doesnt feel like anything but you know just being cautious
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