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Painkillers and the FDA – Warnings and Other advisories

Posted Jul 01 2009 5:01pm

Acetaminophen is the newcomer to the FDA tracking list.  The dosages of the painkiller were also reduced today.  Also the panel was recommending something be done with Percocet and Vicodin.  If those are abolished, perhaps others with some other potential side effects could play havoc.  For short term pain relief, i.e. after surgery they seem to be a strong choice.  Warnings on products are always fine as long as the products need them.  Alcohol overdoses still kill many every year too and sometimes I wonder if it someday will be listed as a “drug” too.  I’m glad Nyquil will not be pulled from the shelves too, as I believe it has alcohol in it’s content as well as acetaminophen. 

One that somewhat amazed me that didn’t come under fire was Oxycodone, the leading cause of death in Florida with prescription drugs, since Vicodin was in the picture.  Xanax and Valium are also listed high on the cause of death list, while heroin and cocaine deaths are on the decline.  BD  

New Warnings About Painkillers - CBS News Video

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