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Orange County Plastic Surgeon Could Lose License over Misconduct – Having Sex with Patient Husband Caught Them in the Act

Posted May 04 2010 3:27pm

This situation sounds bad all the way around, he got caught by the husband at the office, even though we don’t know how it all started but obviously it was consentual, so no hanky panky with patients during an exam is the word here.  No wonder the visit was taking so long and this was a follow up visit for a tummy tuck procedure.  He also has a second problem though with another patient who was not buying the deal and we have text messages to back that one up. image

Even after the second woman patient blew him off and said he still tries to conquest with another text message, what is it with these egos?  It sounds like issue #2 here is going to have an impact on how issue #1 got started and who knows if maybe there could be more to come forward.  Anyway, not a good situation to know that your plastic surgeon you trust is “horn dog”, there’s other places rather than the exam room to go for that.  BD 

A Santa Ana plastic surgeon could lose his license over sexual misconduct allegations, including having sex with a patient while her husband and children waited outside.

The California Medical Board is seeking to revoke the license of Dr. Mark Anthony Knight. Knight, 41, declined to comment Tuesday until he consulted his attorney.

In late 2008, a woman underwent a tummy tuck. During a follow-up appointment last year, Knight told the patient, 32, to undress for the exam. Her husband and children waited in the car. While the patient was seated on the exam table, Knight kissed her and pulled down his pants, the documents allege.

After waiting for an "extended time," the patient's husband took the children inside the office to use the bathroom. He heard noise from the exam room and opened the door to see his wife having sex with the doctor. Knight allegedly pushed the door closed and told the husband, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Later, the woman sent Knight a text message that said in part, "My view of our relationship is strictly doctor-patient. I would appreciate if you didn't come on to me like that again. You have made it a very awkward situation."

Knight wrote back that he understood. He then followed up shortly with a text that said, "Its ok with me...still feeling down...need open heart surgery now."

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