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Online Nursing Degrees Information

Posted Jul 26 2009 11:52pm

The health industry is among the fastest growing of all occupations and right now there is not only a high demand for nurses, but a shortage. Nursing is predicted to be the fastest growing career through 2016 according to a US Department of Labor Report. Not only are registered nurses in high demand, but they are very well compensated as well.

The question most often asked by students interested in a nursing degree is “Can I earn my nursing degree online?” The short answer is yes! There are a large number of programs that will allow the nursing student to take the academic courses online. If a particular nursing degree chosen requires clinical hours (hands on practice with patients) those can be arranged separately. Some students may even pursue their Masters degree in nursing online.
Types of Online Nursing Degrees

It is difficult to list all the possible online nursing degrees, but what follows is a short list of the more common degrees and certifications sought.

* LPN to Registered Nurse - The Licensed Practical Nurse often chooses to continue their education and transition to a registered nursing program.
* Registered Nurse - this includes the two-year associate degree program, and can pursue a bachelor’s degree program at four years.
* Advanced Practice Registered Nurses- These are often for the Registered Nurse who has finished their Master’s Degree where they specialize in a particular field such as anesthesiology or midwifery or many other specializations.

An LPN is most often engaged in day-to-day care of patients as well as routine monitoring and dispensing some types of medication. The boundaries of their responsibilities are set by the state laws governing licensed practical nurses.

Registered nurses (those holding an associates or bachelor degree) are involved most often with advanced patient care procedures, intravenous medication administration, and supervisory activities. They also are governed by state law as to the procedures they can perform in patient care.

To become an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse) or an RN (Registered Nurse) there are academic requirements and clinical hours requirements to be met. The nursing student must graduate successfully from an accredited nursing program and have fulfilled all these requirements which will vary from school to school. After graduation, the successful student will also need to pass a state licensing examination as well.
For nursing students going for advanced practice certifications, the requirements and state certification procedures will vary from program to program as well as with the state laws governing their area of specialization. Generally, in the nursing field, the more specialized training the nurse has the better their earning potential is.

As mentioned before , persons holding nursing degrees and certifications, have a multitude of employment opportunities available to them, and are normally very well compensated. If helping people while engaged in a well paid and exciting career appeals to you, then an online nursing degree program may well be for you. You can use links provided on this site to seek the online nursing degree program or certification program that is just right for you.

The above article was submitted from a guest blogger. You can visit their site for more information about online nursing degrees by clicking here.

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