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One Third of Cell Phone Users Have Apps–Very Few Use Them–Games Are the Most Popular According To This Survey

Posted Sep 14 2010 5:44pm

Read this quote from the article below:

“The most popular downloaded apps were games, followed by news and weather, and social networking.
This brings me right back to an earlier post today – tons and gluts of mobile and other software that consumers don’t use – please start with some aggregation processes to cut out the volume here. Healthcare applications and PHRs have nothing to entice the consumer and show no VALUE outside the normal geek community.  You put something in their hand with instant information and watch the eyes light up, nobody understands immediate value today and keeps fighting the same old frustration levels and more software keeps appearing.  If you again look at the most popular items in the quote above, hint, hint…see what shoes VALUE, as the information is all right in the consumer’s hand. 

Like I said in the earlier article no role models and for the most part a big load of tech luddites in key positions in the country and in private industry too, why we get all those OMG CEO stories tin the news sometimes.Smile 

Thirty-five percent of adult cellphone users have apps to book a table at image a restaurant, check in with friends on Facebook and find their way through GPS maps.

But only one-quarter of those cellphone owners are using those apps. Taking pictures and text messaging remain the most popular things to do with wireless gadgets, according to two surveys released Tuesday.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and the Nielsen Co. joined in announcing their findings PIP_Nielsen Apps Report FINAL .pdf on cellphone app use with two surveys showing that even amid the excitement of new apps-centric smart phones, users are slow to embrace the technology.

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