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One More Reason for Statins – May Lower the Risk of Prostate Cancer and Better Senior Sex Life

Posted Apr 26 2009 10:44pm

Gosh it sure seems like one way or another we will all be directed at some point to look at or consider statins from all the recent reports and now it’s helping with prostate cancer and a better sex life in senior years.  In other related prostate cancer news, another drug, Degarelix, was approved byimage the FDA that suppresses testosterone production from Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc.  The one product that everyone is waiting for though is Provenge and there will be some excitement and news this week with Tuesday being called "Dendreon Day" at the American Urological Association.

Back on the topic here, Merck is actually trying to get a statin product approved for over the counter.  Can we live with the side effects is the big question as there’s no shortage of information on that side of the coin.  Studies are still ongoing to find other potential side effects as well.  BD

  Statin Side Effect Test: Worth the Price?

April 26 (Bloomberg) -- Cholesterol drugs taken to prevent heart attacks may also lower the risk of prostate cancer and impotence in aging men, researchers said.

Men taking any of several different statin drugs for their cardiovascular health had a threefold lower chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer compared with those not taking the drugs, according to a 15-year study of men ages 40 to 79 by the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota. Those taking any of the medicines, including Merck & Co.’s Zocor and Pfizer Inc.’s Lipitor, also had a lower incidence in later years of erectile dysfunction, benign prostate enlargement and urinary problems.

Cholesterol Drugs May Protect Prostate, Sex Potency, Study Says -

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