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One Million, Two Million, who will get the first interview with the Mother of the Octuplets

Posted Feb 03 2009 11:43pm

The latest reports are that she is taking bids on who will pay the most?  Money is not the object? 

I have a hard time believing that with expenses of 8 new babies, so let’s be honest about it, money is an object, to help finance raising the kids.  BD 


Suleman retained Los Angeles publicists Michael Furtney and Joann Killeen on Friday and since then, the agents said they had fielded dozens of interview requests and offers for book, film and television deals. Some media reports have speculated that Suleman might be paid as much as $2 million for an interview, but Furtney said, "The money itself is not the object."
"She has her view of her life with her kids as they go down life's highway," he said. "She wants to be sure they are well cared for."

Octuplets are L.A.'s newest celebrities - Los Angeles Times

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