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Old Geezer Bank Robber is Back - Robs Another Bank–No Oxygen Tank This Time

Posted Feb 01 2011 10:48pm

He’s back again and this all began in October of 2009 with the original post below for details.  He was in Santa Barbara this time after having robbed 10 banks in San Diego.  He left out the back door and now the FBI is offering a reward of $20k for information.  This video is funny from NBC, send in wheel chair granny to catch him, cute.  Now they are speculating this could be someone dressed up in geezer clothing.  BD  

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This happened in San Diego and is on the FBI list.  This is sad as more thank likely are trying to survive.  This also says something for us as humans I think as how could not not catch up with a man with an oxygen tank, and where was security?  If things were not so bad we would not have seniors robbing banks!   Video of the report.

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