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Oh Hell No You Didn’t!

Posted May 14 2009 5:02pm

While I was surfing the net looking for subjects to post on for this week’s Change of Shift, I stumbled on a horror story of tremendous magnitude if it’s proven correct.  There are allegations that Hammot Medical Center harvested their 18 year old comatose son’s organs without their permission.

The suit claims Hamot contacted the Center for Organ Recovery and Education about the donation of Jacobs’ organs even though his parents, who were at the hospital, wanted him to live. CORE directed that Jacobs’ organs be removed in the absence of a valid consent, the suit said.

The hosptial denies any wrong doing on their part but the parents say that their son still had brain waves and that his heart was still beating when the doctors removed his life support. Read the rest of the story here.

I am a firm believer of organ donation. In fact, when I go, you can have every scrap that you can use including skin, bone, and heart etc. if it’s usable in order to help someone else. But don’t EVER do the unthinkable and take organs from an unwilling donor. It makes people leery of ever wanting to donate!

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