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Obesity Politics.

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:01pm
O besity may be to today what smoking was to our parents generation according to some but it certainly has caught the eye of many politicians of late. In the war against fat America now the politician are ganging up on fat people and those who have the propensity to tip the scales a bit too much by imposing a so called "fat tax"on soda. Looks like other hard to resist foods may also fall victim to such measures to slim the population and fatten up the city coffers.

I have to say that while the motivation may be well placed I would seriously doubt that adding a few pennies to the cost of certain food items is really going to curb American's desires for food. While many if not most of us realize the health risks associated with being overweight, and the social stigma that exists in this county for the portly, this ounce of prevention is not going to be worth a pound of cure.

Politics of Fat.
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